Maddyloo | 5 of the Coolest Festival Hair Trends for 2016
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5 of the Coolest Festival Hair Trends for 2016

26 Mar 5 of the Coolest Festival Hair Trends for 2016

Festival Season is almost here, and we don’t know about you, but we have already started planning our festival outfits especially our hairstyles! This year we’re predicting a huge rise in trends towards hair accessories. And we’re not just talking about hair tattoos, we’re also seeing ribbons, glitter roots and even glow in the dark hair!

So to help you get inspired, we’ve picked our favorite trending styles here at Maddyloo HQ. For more festival hair inspiration, check out our Pinterest board, Festival Hair Trends 2016!

1. Hair Tattoos

Well of course we’d put hair tattoos at number 1! We’ve seen temporary tattoos at festivals for the past couple of years, however we didn’t really see them added to hair until Kylie Jenner was spotted sporting one last fall, and everyone went crazy for them! We expect to see hair tattoos really take off this year. Our tattoos are the first to be specifically created for the hair, AND they are made in the USA! Shop the look now.

hair-tattoos    hai

2. Embellished Braids

Braids are the go-to hairstyle every festival season, however, for 2016 expect to see an increase in braids adorned with charms, flowers and even hair tattoos! We’re starting to see this trend gaining pace on Instagram and Pinterest and we’re really excited to see how it moves on this season.

Metallic-Samantha2597016053c20d766eaf92f470aa87385 hairbraid1

3. Glitter Roots

We started to see glitter roots on Instagram towards the end of 2015 and when paired with a funky hair style or color we think it’s absolutely perfect for festival season. However it’s not for the faint-hearted – we all know how glitter loves to get EVERYWHERE so it might be a bit of a pain a few days later.

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4. Glow in the Dark Hair

Well, let’s just say that we saw this one coming when we launched our Glow in the Dark hair tattoos earlier this year! You can pick up glow in the dark hair dye from Manic Panic or, however you might want to speak to a salon professional before trying this one out. So if you didn’t want to take the step of dying your hair you can at least be part of the trend with our hair tattoos!


5. Headbands

The classic headband – another trend that’s been around for a while, but still one of our favorites. We’re sure to be seeing everything from metallic to flower headbands still adorning the heads of festival goers this year!


So which of those will you be trying at festivals this year? Let us know in the comments! And have a happy festival season!

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