Maddyloo | Oscars 2016 Hair and Accessories: Our Favorites
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Oscars 2016 Hair and Accessories: Our Favorites

29 Feb Oscars 2016 Hair and Accessories: Our Favorites

The Oscars isn’t just about the amazing gowns, some of the hairstyles and accessories can be outstanding too and last night was no exception. From Chrissy Teigen’s braid to Olivia Wilde’s incredible chocker, here’s our pick of the best hair and accessories from last night:

1.¬†Brie Larson’s jewelled hair clip

Brie is right on trend with her half-up half-down style adorned with a jewelled hair clip. Very simple but striking Рyou could try recreating this look at home by using some of the patterns in the Metallic hair tattoo range!


2. Daisy Ridley’s amazing up-do

Daisy’s bun, twist, ponytail combo is super-modern yet glamorous at the same time. Her accessories and make-up are kept fresh and subtle so as not to distract from the intricacies of the hair style – this is one look we’re excited to try for our next party!


3. Whoopi Goldberg’s Octo-ring

How cool is Whoopi’s ring slash bracelet? And where can we get one?


4. Olivia Wilde’s choker AND hair braid

Olivia Wilde owns the red carpet with not just an incredible choker, just look at that side braid


5. Rooney Mara’s intricate up-do

Rooney accessorized her very Gothic looking Givenchy dress with mini buns, slightly reminiscent of Rey’s hairstyle from The Force Awakens


6. Chrissy Teigen’s braid

Chrissy’s Oscars hair style combined several braids into one and we just love it – it’s so unusual and yet stunning and really easy to recreate at home.


7. Jared Leto’s Rose

And of course, it’s not all about the ladies! Jared got involved in some accessories action by adding a beautiful red rose to his collar.


What was your favorite hairstyle or accessory from the Oscars? Let us know in the comments!

The Maddyloo Team

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